Più Più


Emergence de l’idée

Emergence of the idea!

The concept was born out of our love for Italy:
its culture, its people, its landscapes… and of course its gastronomy!

During our travels, the idea emerged to share good Italian products to eat on the go.
The promise: Italianity, quality and speed!
Più Più was born!

Quest for products

For several years, we travelled across Italy in search of exceptional products. We explored small farms, local markets, participated in private tastings and visited Italian gastronomic fairs.

During our travels, we met hundreds of producers, such as Paolo in Venice, Michele and Roberto in Parma, Alessandro in Milan, Giuseppe in Bari, Rubino in Naples, Laura in Florence, and Lorenzo in Palermo.

These producers are now many of our suppliers and our friends.

Quête de produits
Des produits d’exception

Exceptional products

We brought back the cream of the crop from Italy for your taste buds: Michele’s Prosciutto di Parma PDO, Roberto’s Parmigiano Reggiano PDO, Rubino’s Mozzarella di bufala PDO, delicious ultra creamy Burrata from Naples, Paolo’s Venetian grilled vegetables and many more.

Authentic recipes

Our generous and authentic recipes are developed with great chefs in the Italian tradition. This is how the secret recipe for our pizza dough alla romana was designed with the three-time world pizza champion. Our artisanal pizza dough matures for several days for a unique taste and a light and crunchy texture.

Come and taste our traditional Italian recipes, homemade products and fresh, quality Italian ingredients.

Des recettes authentiques
Une carte variée


A varied menu to suit all tastes, a menu adapted to each season and an evolving offer to adapt to the rhythms of the day.

Our menu consists of pizzas alla romana (our speciality!), fresh pasta, Italian desserts (come and taste our tiramisu!), Italian charcuterie and cheese platters, antipasti, quality Italian wines, Italian beers and other specialities.

An evolving offer

An offer that evolves with the rhythms of the day and is suitable for everyone: dine-in or takeaway, Aperitivo, Caffè…

Devenez franchisés

You are welcome!

Our teams are delighted to welcome you in a warm atmosphere in our various restaurants.

Our restaurants!